Air Max Day

No shoe has pushed sneaker design further than the Nike Air Max. We partnered with Nike for The Month of Air to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the sneaker that revolutionized sport and style. The month culminated with the launch the most innovative Air Max ever—the Nike Air Vapor Max—on Air Max Day.

Creating the Revolution

To stoke excitement, we assembled a month-long strategic plan and created 30-days’ worth of stunning content for, Nike+, SNKRS, Nike’s social channels and Nike’s wholesale partners’ digital channels.

Maximizing Potential

Each touchpoint provided a premium digital experience and showed that the Air Revolution, which kicked off 30 years ago, still rages today.

United Under Air

Our work coursed through digital channels and delivered fresh content to a global audience daily. Our stories revealed the ways in which Nike Air Max connects people of all professions, lifestyles and tastes.

Molecular Levels

Each step along the consumer journey was designed to exceed customers’ expectations. Content was tailored specifically for the channel in which it was delivered, which provided a seamless experience with global scale.

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