As a preferred Contentful Solutions Partner, Revfluence approached us to help them build a new site that would launch their rebrand as AspireIQ. The ask: make it tech-lite and easy for anyone in their organization—not just IT—to be able to update content and change the layout. The site we ultimately designed, developed, and delivered is functional, intuitive, and optimized for conversion.

Modular Design

Traditionally, to update a website and refresh content requires one or a team of developers. A CMS can help, but are generally bulky and have limited editable content and layout functionality. Enter Contentful—a Content Infrastructure service. Using this approach, we bolstered AspireIQ’s marketing and growth team with speed and customizability. Essentially, updates can be made faster and more of the interface is changeable. With a modular approach to content infrastructure, guardrails could be set to keep everything consistent, giving the user more control about what each individual module says and does, with the ability to add pages, change the nav, or pretty much anything else, all without the assistance of a developer.


To help better communicate Aspire’s capabilities, we created a series of animations that would both speak to features and help build visual interest.

Tech Stack and Solutions

In an effort to build a shared vocabulary from the start, we started content modeling with the marketing team at Aspire. This shared process allowed for a more seamless process when someone from marketing or sales signed in to edit content. Contentful acts as a bulletproof database layer that can be consumed by our tech stack. Using Next.js, we built a server-side rendered website enables extremely fast load times. React helped us organize and reuse our components to save delivery time. For example, once a button is built, it could be reused endlessly across site. From design through development to delivery, our process allowed us to construct a user manual with simple, concise directions that would allow the AspireIQ team to make substantial changes, effortlessly.

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