Dr. Martens SXSW 2019

Year in, year out, SXSW is at the epicenter of music, fashion, and culture, so it only makes sense that Dr. Martens would be a mainstay there as well. Having partnered with Doc’s on several past projects, we saw their 2019 SXSW showcase as an opportunity to go even deeper. Employing a three-pronged content strategy, we set out to give their fans a front row seat before, during, and after the festival with a suite of highly-curated social content.

Opening Act

Building buzz was pivotal in capturing fan’s attention early so they’d look forward to each new piece of content. To do that, we designed a short Q&A with each of our featured artists, which we then turned into posts that would live both in-feed and as stories.


Once there, we created platform-specific, bite-sized content that was shared in real-time to stoke engagement. To further our reach, we leveraged influencers on site to build hype for Doc’s upcoming summer line of products that was shared across both their individual accounts and Dr. Martens.


Post-festival, we pushed to keep the conversation going with a steady stream of content. Grounding our work in the idea that it’s really the artists who define festival fashion, we made a series of videos where our featured bands talked about how they like to rock their Doc’s, while also going a bit deeper into what else, clothes or otherwise, are in their closets.

After Party

All told, we finished the project having posted 94 assets garnering 154,000 likes and more than 420,000 views. The project’s impact and reach gives us a framework for future success as Dr. Martens continues to build their audience, boost sales, and explore new avenues of growth.

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