Earn Your Name

We created a first-of-its-kind web experience that unlocks cyclists’ inner-Eddy Merckx and reimagines the ways in which riders interact with data.

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The Cannibal, Le Monstor, Ivan the Terrible, The Killer, El Pistolero…

Nicknames bestowed upon cycling’s greats are sharper than those in other sports. This is because cycling pairs progress with pain—to get faster you push yourself to the point of breaking. We explored this dynamic with short, high-impact films that journey inside the cyclist’s psyche.

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Spin Legacy from Ride Data

Earn Your Name uses technology to find the greatness within each rider. If you pedal, you probably track your progress with Strava’s mobile application and have a trove of cycling data collecting dust in the cloud. Earn Your Name dips into this data through Strava’s API, crunches 12-months-worth of ride statistics, and then generates a customized rider profile complete with an epic nickname, rider classification and a personalized poster that reflects your unique riding style and strengths. Each poster is dynamically generated and draws inspiration from cycling’s history of design—connecting the present with the past.

Unlocking your greatness is as simple, just visit EarnYour.Name, click “Sync Strava” and turn your ride data into your legacy.

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Share Your Greatness

Earn Your Name is the first web experience to combine Strava data integration with art and film. As a passion project, it allowed us to pursue what we believe will be the future of sports marketing—highly-customized and shareable brand experiences that are made personal through large-scale data integration and beautifully real content.

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