JOEY Restaurants

The originator of casual/premium dining, JOEY Restaurants doesn’t feel like a national chain. Thoughtfully considered menus, bespoke reclaimed industrial decor and world-class service make each of its 26 restaurants feel intimate and distinct.

The Task

JOEY asked for help evolving from a restaurant chain into a lifestyle brand. The first course? A new website designed to increase online reservations, gift card sales and event bookings, populated with fresh content that takes the JOEY ethos out of the restaurant and into new avenues of consumers’ lives.

The Research

We began with a deep dive into the existing website’s analytics. Counterintuitive navigation, lack of page hierarchy and a sitemap packed with underperforming pages interrupted visitors’ information seeking and slowed online bookings. Inconsistent URL structure and duplicative content made restaurant pages rank poorly for localized searches, ultimately burying the highest-value pages.

The Ultimate Culinary Discovery

Compared to the online experience, dining in a JOEY restaurant feels fresh and inventive. We interviewed stakeholders across the company and learned that JOEY invests heavily in culinary discovery. Every other year, JOEY chefs fly to a new global city to sample cuisine and draw cultural inspiration. Upon return, they collaborate on new dishes to bring authentic international flair to the menu. Every JOEY restaurant is constructed from thousands of micro-experiences thoughtfully crafted by inhouse architects and industrial designers. From prominently-featured open-air kitchens to the angles to which individual bricks are offset, each feature is intentional. JOEY promotes from within. Its executives started out in JOEY kitchens and restaurant floors.

Bridging The Gap

We needed to bring the qualities of JOEY’s spectacular in-person experience to their website. In addition to a smoother, streamlined user journey, we created a content library that captured the flavor, energy and dedication to customer service that has served up fans all across Canada.

An Immediate Impact

Since launching, JOEY dotcom has seen month-over-month increases in reservation bookings, gift card sales, and traffic.

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