Understanding the Problem

The Jumpman store experience was fractured and ununified. Brand didn’t translate to store. Store didn’t translate to digital. And digital didn’t translate to consumer. Simply put, they were not having the same conversation as their consumers. Throughout July and August we worked through a ‘strategy sprint’ that explored how Jumpman stores can forge deeper consumer connections through digital channels to increase store traffic and sales. We completed 10 time-boxed exercises to contextualize the problem, generate solutions and identify viable paths forward.

The Strategy Sprint

A strategy sprint is a flexible critical thinking framework that serves to maximize the chances of making something people want. It’s an intense effort conducted by a small team where the results set the direction for a complex project. To align on the sprint’s intent, we identified the business opportunity, market and problem we’d work to solve. What about Jumpman drives consumers in-store when they could just buy online? If we storytell around connection to local culture, community and court, will consumers even care?

Win with Community

To uncover how Jumpman stores connect to local communities and foster both engagement and discovery via digital channels, The Program interviewed Jordan territory managers and reviewed stores’ digital footprints. After reviewing cursory research, we narrowed the store objective provided in the brief. To understand Jumpman store strengths and weaknesses, we evaluated how stores deliver personal, authentic, unexpected and digitally-enabled experiences across court, culture and community. Then overlaid findings with interview responses to understand where we’re winning and losing.


Identifying the assumptions and facts we had about the problem reduced bias, unlocked new solutions and revealed knowledge gaps where they exist. With background analysis complete, we defined the problem we’d solve and set the metrics we’d use to measure the effect of our refreshed digital strategy. Findings from the 8 hour exercise sparked insightful conversations about how stores’ purpose and offerings can be improved. Research established a baseline for the strategy. Moving forward, we identified the unique value Jumpman doors provide consumers and how consumers want stores to plug into their digital lives. We then contextualized those findings into actionable insights ready for the market.

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