Seattle based start-up, Kaskada, streamlines data science and machine learning model creation with the industry’s first Machine Learning Studio. Introduced through our partners at [Xnor.ai](https://www.geekwire.com/2020/exclusive-apple-acquires-xnor-ai-edge-ai-spin-paul-allens-ai2-price-200m-range/), we set out to develop a new, intuitive website for Kaskada utilizing component based design and development to promote speed, simplicity, and extensibility.

The Ask

Humming with success after their seed round, Kaskada needed a website as impactful as their product offering that allowed for a more streamlined user experience, aided recruitment, bolstered sell-in, and beta signups.

Refresh for Success

Using Jamstack and a few of our favorite tech solutions, [Contentful](https://www.contentful.com/partners/solutions/the-program) and Netlify, we built a website that works hard and efficiently for the Kaskada team, requiring zero time wasting maintenance. Updates can be made by anyone on Kaskada’s fast-growing team from marketing, sales, and even engineering success!

All Time Squad

The new website helped Kaskada put their best foot forward, securing investment and recruitmenting top talent as they closed their [Series A](https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200204005300/en/Kaskada-Raises-8M-Series-Increases-Total-Raised) round - quickly catching the attention of venture firms Voyager Capital, NextGen Venture Partners, Founders’ Co-op, and Walnut Street Capital Fund.

New Look

Still in development and unable to be shown on the website, Kaskada’s product offering needed to be visually represented to help connect the dots and tell the product story. We crafted a series of isomorphic, animated illustrations to speak to the product’s core features along with clear, concise messaging that communicated Kaskada’s value proposition, built intrigue, and increased conversion.

Up Next: Running