A Place for Her

Gone are the days of definable subcultures. The Gen-Z woman can’t be boxed-in by just one definition. She connects with brands that challenge her thinking and show fresh perspectives. When we set out to craft a content strategy to launch the Nike Air Max Verona, we were up against a historically male-dominant landscape. Our first order of business: Learn who She is and what She represents.

The Modern Girl Crew

Our research showed that today’s female collective is all about inclusivity, connection and purpose. This modern friendship circle doesn’t have a singular identity, but they do share a desire to create a future that has a place for all. As the first generation to form deep connections both online and IRL, the members of the female super group celebrate their diversity and support each others’ own ambitions.

What She Represents

For her, the future is now, you’d better catch up. She lives in a world she creates. Her happiness comes from the friends she surrounds herself with, each one a unique identity yet closely connected together. What they share with each other and the world effects change. When it comes to purchasing, she invests in brands that offer social and style utility. She expects personalized products, media and experiences. For our work and the Nike Air Max Verona, She would care as much about what the shoe represents as how it looks.

Verona Collective

This audience is dynamic and so is their entry point. Campaigns can’t be so unattainable as to detract the less knowledgeable but also can’t alienate the educated. Focusing on her truths, we set out to find new collectives that were pushing boundaries in their community and empowering female sneaker culture through their work.

Good Girl—Sisters in Music, Best Friends by Choice

Good Girl is a Philadelphia-based collective of music artists that came together to create a sisterhood. Their boldness is uplifting, never exclusive, and we feel that in the presence they create within their community through music, fashion and dance. In the "City of Brotherly Love," we met these four women who exemplify the Philly values through their own sisterly connection.

Content Strategy

Our key to success was to collaborate with Good Girl to capture their most authentic selves. From the beginning, we worked with them to find the places most genuine to their city and their craft. We filmed them in their dance studio, walking the streets of Philadelphia, and glowing in the neon lights of their neighborhood. Good Girl also captured their own content, filming the behind the scenes snapshots of being on set and life in their Nike Veronas beyond our shoot. All this was disseminated across Foot Locker’s channels, and Good Girl’s own network, including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

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