The Shox Universe

Back and bouncier than ever, Nike Shox have returned with a brand new mission fit for a hero. What started as a shoe launch became a mission to revolutionize the interaction between consumer and product. We embarked on this journey to bring this legendary shoe to life, and immerse people into the world of the Shox Universe.

Harness The Boing

The question we faced was how to make this moment more than about the shoe, and create an experience that goes beyond a simple click to purchase. We wanted to develop a microsite where people can immerse themselves into the world of Shox, and become part of what was known as the Boing Team. After hours of research and evaluation, we landed on a concept to do just that.

Creating Your Avatar

Our concept became a full customization experience to create a personalized superhero avatar akin to the Boing Team. We brainstormed a library of features and options to ensure every user felt they were represented. From there, our in-house illustrator went to work creating facial features in a multitude of skin color options, hairstyles and colors, body types, outfits, and more, each with multiple rounds of edits to accurately represent each option.

Step By Step

Creating a microsite to fit this concept came with its challenges. We went back and forth brainstorming and testing various methods to create a seamless customizing program that would fit around six thousand variations of looks. Once the customization was complete, we turned our attention to the output.

Welcome To The Boing

In order to fully immerse the consumer into the Shox Universe, we wanted them to feel like they were a part of the Boing Team. To do this, we brainstormed various output options users could share with their friends on social media to show and invite others to join the experience. We drew inspiration from the Marvel Superhero Comics’ movie introduction that mimics a comic book flipping through pages. The concept took us through many unexpected challenges, but the output turned out flawless. Once users of the experience completed their customization, they saw their personalized avatar as the newest member of the Boing Team through an animated gif they are encouraged to download and share via social and messaging.

Add Some Boing To It

Along with the customization experience, we created Nike Shox animated stickers and a microsite where users can view, select, and download stickers of the Boing Team straight to their camera roll. We wanted to tailor the stickers to be usable in conversation settings, which lead us to strategize how each would be animated to action sequences and paired with common phrases. Users can then use these stickers in messaging platforms with their friends, and add some Boing to their conversations.

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