Lawn Booster

Growing a lush lawn doesn’t have to be complicated. Pennington Lawn Booster is the simple, all-in-one product for quicker, thicker, and greener grass that makes a novice gardener look like a pro.Looking to acquire a new audience segment, our longtime partner, Pennington, looked to us to help develop a launch strategy and refreshed creative that would cut through the noise of other frequent competitor placements in the market.

Strategy, Not Frequency

Most competitors, like Scotts, pour funding into media plans to stay relevant, prioritizing frequency over cohesive messaging. Leveraging this opportunity to connect with audiences through cohesive, recognizable messaging, we set out to prove that Lawn Booster’s surefire formula gives new homeowners to achieve the same great results, with less effort.

The Work

We embedded in key markets to gather insights and focus-group test our strategy to ensure the creative moved the needle amongst our primary and secondary audiences. Armed with those insights, we concepted, produced, and edited a launch package for Lawn Booster, consisting of commercial ready assets steeped in our strategy. The unique :30 and :06 second cuts shared Pennington’s quiet confidence in easily digestible edits ready for a broadcast and beyond.

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