ROI in the halfpipe is not ROI in the cubicle.

Red Bull is an extreme icon for good reason. Between downhill ice skating, air races and space jumps, the brand epitomizes the hyper-active lifestyle. But in the office, the brand feels out of place, juvenile and doesn’t match up with career aspirations.

Shifting The Perception

Red Bull means something different in the office. Out in the world it enhances fun: sports, creativity and partying. At the office, Red Bull is for stressful, urgent and even extreme work situations. This stereotype pegs consumers as unsophisticated, stressed or suffering from the night before, even when that’s not the case. Our goal was to shift Red Bull’s perception at-work and purchase consideration among career-focused millennials.

Less Wiiings. More Wingtips.

Be Red Bull, but more professional. Make Red Bull SFW by showing how it empowers workers to succeed on their own terms. Step one: segment the workforce to identify the influential roles within organizations that could drive wider acceptance of Red Bull at-work. Get out of the comfort zone by reaching beyond creative industries and tech, where Red Bull is a more accepted part of the workday.

Enable Afternoon Productivity

Step two: own the early afternoon. Specifically target pre-and-post lunch consumption occasions to overcome concerns of over-effectiveness and to coexist with coffee, which is free, socially acceptable, and readily available in most offices.

Push The Right Product

Step three: elbow our way into our target audience’s consideration set with Red Bull’s new sugar free flavors. With fewer calories and a more refined can design, these offerings are already positioned as a less aggressive pick-me-up. Through a strategy that blends authentic messaging, office-appropriate street team activations and an influencer strategy that eschews the most extreme, driven personalities for more relatable people in position of influence, Red Bull can make inroads in the 9-5.

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