Outpace The Still

Suspect is a brand of white whiskey distilled with impatience for those who refuse to wait. Early in their development, they came to us to help sharpen integral elements of their brand, approach, and voice as they prepared to launch their first product.

Get Established

While whiskey brand narratives typically lead with tradition and heritage, Suspect revels in youthful rebellion with a distilling process that goes against the norm. To ensure their rebellious approach to distilling is reflected throughout their branding, we conducted a strategy sprint with their team to uncover authentic brand elements that would resonate with their target audience and help set Suspect apart from other whiskey brands.

Arm for Success

The average whiskey drinker is now younger and more diverse than before. We built Suspect an all encompassing platform from which to bring their premium white whiskey to market in a way that both intrigues this young consumer enough to try and reflects quality enough to buy, again and again. With a revised brand strategy, polished distributor deck, and anthem video, we provided Suspect with the tools needed for a successful launch into the craft spirits market.

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