Ledlenser Outdoor Series

Ledlenser makes some of the world’s toughest and most technically-advanced flashlights and headlamps. To launch the Ledlenser Outdoor Series, we created videos, web content and a microsite that together show that Ledlenser lights burn brighter because of what’s inside them.

Adventure Starters

Ledlenser’s Outdoor Series microsite, which we designed and built from the ground up - design, copywriting, coding, images and videos included, is basecamp for the brand’s outdoor offerings. The microsite elevates Ledlenser’s digital brand aesthetic and provides adventurer seekers with a means to acquire the best outdoor lighting gear money can buy.

Flashlights and Headlamps with Guts

To illuminate the Outdoor Series’ precision engineering, we blew them up in a series of product videos that each feature a photorealistic, 3D dissection of a head lamp or flashlight, dynamic camera movements and true-to-life caustics that capture light refraction and multi-directional photon dispersion in hyper realism.

Getting Out There

We combined animations with video we shot on-location in caves, on mountains and at beaches along Oregon’s coast to show how Ledlenser’s technical innovation enables outdoor adventurers to go further and stay out longer.

Express Delivery

To deliver photorealistic animations on a tight deadline, we offset render times by optimizing every possible feature. To save even more time, we initiated an in-studio group-render that combined the processing power of 29 computers at The Program HQ, delivering flawless “fully-baked” animations just-in-time.

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