Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids is an organization built on the idea that every kid deserves to live a happy, healthy life. They encourage children to get up and get moving by completing four marathons at their own pace, and provide the training, rewards, tools, and resources to keep them moving and motivated. Marathon Kids focuses on the development of both kids and adults by encouraging kids to unlock their potential, and for adults to get involved through coaching in their home, school, or community. Marathon Kids looked to us to help spread their message, connect with existing and new users, and bring new life to their US and UK websites.

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In order to accomplish our objectives, we began by collaborating with Marathon Kids to understand their goals, determine the various areas of improvement, and problems at hand. Most importantly, we were committed to fully understanding the target audience, and how to best improve user flow and design, and enhance the overall consumer journey.

Creating the Wires

From there, we segmented our audiences out to develop unique avenues that would cater to each user group. With this information, we used a wireframe process to determine the best overall user-flow experience. We wanted to create a seamless consumer journey, and explored every potential path the target audiences would take through the website.

Implementing the Strategy

With that, we designed a new website and user experience that reached the initial goals set by us and Marathon Kids. We created targeted messaging and simplified, clear calls to action to generate and engage new and active users. The user experience became a streamlined journey that lead the audience through the what, why, and how of the Marathon Kids organization.

From Start to Finish

Through this entire process, we focused on how to best engage with our target audiences. We knew that, though the website was an effective means to connect and engage with the Marathon Kids members, the most efficient and expansive channel to achieve this was through social media. We developed a long-term social media strategy for Marathon Kids to implement in order to grow their audience across the digital platform. From parents, coaches, or corporations looking to get involved, to existing members who simply wish to donate, we created a seamless journey that allowed everyone to connect with the organization.

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