Nike Maps

From running routes to pick-up games, Nike Maps uncovers the best workout spots in cities throughout the world and connects users with a global community of athletes.

Pick Your City, Find What Moves You

It began with a question - if I’m in Rio for one day, and I want to run but don’t speak Portuguese, how do I find Nike recommended running routes and events? To answer this question, our designers, UX team, strategists and engineers began collaborating on a tool that used peer reviews and GPS data to turn global cities into personal playgrounds.

Train Where You Travel

Our application used hyper-local data to make new cities feel familiar. From phones, users could tap into local events, checkout recommendations from local athlete influencers and book spots at Nike events and training clubs all over the world.

Run The World

The platform went live in Sydney first. Then Mexico City. Followed by Seoul and Rio. And then, it launched globally.

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