Red Bull Sessions

Red Bull Signature Series is a high-impact, year-round action sports series broadcast on NBC. Red Bull asked us to find a way to keep its viewers tuned-in and connected during the times when Signature Series was off-air. We launched Red Bull Sessions to do just that.

Drop In

To connect viewers to Red Bull, we built a scaled-up contesting experience that used rad Red Bull experiences - like sessioning with Red Bull’s premier athletes - to incentivize users to upload and share footage of their own best tricks. We built in additional contesting, voting and gaming features to open the contest up to athletes of all ability levels.

Joint Effort

Sessions launched throughout Red Bull’s US and Canadian markets and was bolstered by a partnership with all 8,600 North American 7-Eleven stores. In-store point of purchase materials along with Red Bull athlete partnerships and promotions directed users to the online experience. Collectively, these efforts created a thriving digital community that kept users connected to Red Bull 24/7.

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